About Us

Have you ever watched a beehive? It is fascinating seeing thousands of little bees working together to produce honey. As you come near the hive, you can hear an exciting buzz as they go about the many tasks necessary to keep the hive alive. The workers are responsible to collect nectar and guard the hive. The young bees keep the hive in good condition, feed the larvae, and support in other household chores. There is never a dull moment in the busy life of a little bee.
If God lived on my street, I’m sure the house would be big. It would have lots of rooms for all the widows and orphans who live there. It would be their home, not some institutional orphanage with bars on the windows. I’m sure the rooms would have windows to let lots of light in. The house would probably be old and fixed-up, not new and plastic.
THERE IS A PEOPLE who woke up this morning with one thing on their minds —  to love their Creator with all their heart, mind, and strength, and to love one another just as He loved them.
Please call us anytime, day or night. Whether it's to find out more information about our communities, find a location nearest to you, or to request copies of our literatue, we would love to hear from you!
We are a tribal people. The folk that you will meet in our community are part of a tribespeople. Our life is expressed through living together in community. We love working with each other on our farms and in our cottage industries, doing folk dances and playing music, building, teaching our children at home, and caring for one another.
“That’s not enough!” said the lady to the train driver. He was late. Circumstances beyond his control had caused the delay and he said ‘sorry’ at least six times. But it was ‘not enough’. No matter what he said or how he said it, she could not forgive him for keeping her waiting. Has that ever happened to you?
Have you heard about the radical new movement? People of different backgrounds and races from all over the world are leaving everything behind to form tight-knit communities. The work is shared, the money is shared, and possessions are shared, all for the sake of the movement. In this environment there is healing.
We used to be desperately lonely, even though most of us had a lot of friends. Some of us were successful in what we did, and some of us were failures beyond hope. We came from everywhere and we have done everything trying to make sense out of our lives. But no matter what we did, we were left feeling dirty inside.
We are a spiritual brotherhood whose love for one another stretches across the boundaries of nationality, race, and culture. Our spiritual life and the love we share comes from the God who is love, the One who made every good thing.