Born and Raised in the Twelve Tribes

As a 26-year-old born and raised in the Twelve Tribes Community, I can speak for myself on behalf of my upbringing and my beliefs. Based on my own experience I have also made a choice on how I will and currently am raising my own child.

Three months ago, I was living in Klosterzimmern, Germany, and my child was one of the happy five-year-olds running about on our beautiful farm. Now, three months later, I am horrified and shocked beyond words about the raid against our communities in Germany. I cannot stop thanking God for allowing my family to come to the United States for a few months, just in time to miss this illegal kidnapping of our children by the German Government. Although my daughter and I are Americans, she would certainly have been taken illegally, since that is what happened to some of my American friends there (and is still the case). My daughter prays every day for her friends and kindergarten mates to be returned to their parents.

This attempt to “save” our children from abuse has itself become the only abuse these children have ever experienced — being torn away from their parents whom they love. They are now experiencing something they could have never imagined would be done to them.

My parents raised my five siblings and me according to the Word of God as recorded in the Bible, in countries like the United States and Brazil, where freedom of religion is still respected. NEVER have my parents done anything but loved us. They had the courage to love us enough to save our souls from a path of destruction in a world and society that has gone far beyond the limits of the God-given conscience in each man.

We can clearly see by what has happened that the end times are near, when man has begun to call evil good and good evil. This is what the prophet Isaiah predicted long ago (Isaiah 5:20). For thousands of years, people have disciplined (spanked) their children. But never, in the history of mankind has there been a generation such as we see today, who, for the lack of love (discipline applied in a loving way), has become corrupt, mentally ill, and full of innumerable problems. My parents came from such a generation. They were desperate for something to offer their children that would give them hope. I have not been secluded from modern society. I have seen enough and heard enough, and even experienced some of the pain of living a life of selfishness. I do not wish that for my daughter either. I have not one speck of bitterness towards my parents, and am eternally grateful for the way they raised me. They will receive a great reward in the kingdom of God. And now I have dedicated myself to raise my daughter the same way. She will continue in this way. It’s the ancient way, the way of Abraham (Genesis 18:19).

And as for our communities in Germany, what is the real issue? Is it really abuse? These children that I know so very well have been examined by doctors and have been found in excellent health and physical condition. They themselves have testified to those they could speak to of their love for their parents, and vice versa. So what can one say is the real issue? Should we obey God and raise our children the way we were raised? Or shall we obey the contradictory law of Germany? We know that our God will righteously judge one day according to how each man lived his life, according to what is recorded in his conscience. I would rather stand guiltless before God and condemned before men than “free” before man but guilty before God. I have come to the same conclusion that the Apostle Peter did in Acts 5:29.

I am thankful to be living now in a country that still allows freedom to practice one’s religion and not merely to believe in a religion. I cannot rest, eat or think in peace until justice is given to each child, and they can come out of this horrible nightmare and be back with their parents whom they love. A proof of this love can be obtained by speaking with each of these children, just as one can also speak with me about my upbringing.

~ Yaqarah

The Twelve Tribes is a confederation of twelve self-governing tribes, composed of self-governing communities. We are disciples of the Son of God whose name in Hebrew is Yahshua. We follow the pattern of the early church in Acts 2:44 and 4:32, truly believing everything that is written in the Old and New Covenants of the Bible, and sharing all things in common.

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