The Healer

Have you ever found yourself looking up at the stars and an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder fills your being? Have you ever wondered, "What is the purpose of this vast expanse? Does it ever end? Is anyone out there? Why haven't we really seen them yet? Are there planets like ours?" You may have said, "If there is a God, why did He make all that empty space?" Or perhaps you've thought, "I know there is a God! Surely He has a purpose for all this!"

If these kinds of thoughts have raced through your mind, my friends and I would like to share with you some of what's been shown to us.

If you can put aside everything the TV taught you, or perhaps all that Sunday School put into you about the Bible, and hear with new ears, a great mystery will unfold for you. The ancient words recorded in the Bible have been locked up, veiled, misunderstood, and misconstrued for thousands of years. Just as is written in the words of the prophet Daniel, "The words are rolled up and sealed until the time of the end."1 So, maybe, just maybe, the time of the end is getting closer now..

So let's start at the beginning...

The Beginning: Genesis

The earth had been teeming with life. We really don't know the number or variety of creatures that walked the earth during this unknown amount of time, but people have found fossils of bones from billions of years ago. In verse 2, the proper translation says, "Now, the earth became formless and void. Darkness was over the surface of the deep and the Spirit of God was brooding over the waters."

What happened? Contained between the first and second verses of the Bible is a story lapsing over a period of perhaps billions of years. A loving God had created a beautiful planet full of life. He ruled over the earth as He does over the whole universe, through His angels, keeping all things in order. But sadly, through one of His chief angels, Lucifer, who was right under the Creator Himself, we meet for the first time a very deadly VIRUS. For Lucifer was not satisfied in his appointed place, but rose up in pride, wanting to be first. And like all viruses, it was contagious and began to affect more of the angelic creatures. The virus of rebellious pride had to be put away. But how? Being true to His merciful nature, He did not just destroy Lucifer and the angels who had joined him. Instead, He cast them down to the earth where their infectious pride could not affect the rest of creation.

The First Quarantine

Like a huge burning meteorite, Lucifer and his army of demonic destroyers smashed into the earth, tilting it on its axis and eventually bringing the dark disorder that rebellion (sin) always causes.

Darkness was now over the surface of the deep. What once had form and definition was now formless and void. And you can see at the beginning of the Bible, the loving Creator hovering over the waters, brooding over it, considering restoration. He restored the earth's beauty, reestablished its boundaries, and filled it with new life. He added what he hoped to be the solution to the destructive character that this selfish angel had displayed in ruining what was perfect.

The Creator had a plan. This new earth and its inhabitants needed a ruling force that would continue to stand against the degrading forces that pride always causes. He made humans in His own image! You could see what the Creator was like when you saw Adam -- the same bright countenance, the same loving eyes looking at you with vision and hope!

Being tested to remain true to their call, the humans gave in to that cunning, doubting voice of the Source of all evil... "Did God really say...?" raising the possibility that their Creator would deprive them of something good, and planting the seeds of accusation against God.2 And there it was: they contracted the deadly virus of pride and rebellion, and soon passed it on to the next generation. 

Infection and Recovery

The rest of the Bible contains the story of the demise that always comes when self-centered pride rules. Through the great flood, God sought to win the hearts of humans in the greatest love story ever told. Finally, the Creator of the universe was able to win the hearts of a few men, despite intense evil opposition. Affectionately, He named those who had a heart to obey Him Israel, and formed them into a twelve-tribed nation. This nation continually battled the virus of rebellion, being tested to the core, and were finally dispersed throughout the earth, seemingly in utter defeat.

In the time of their greatest testing, having been reduced to only one tribe of the original twelve -- Judah (which is why they became known as Jews), the loving Creator sent a Healer with a message to reach mankind. He was a shining example of true love. He gathered people around him, teaching them how to love. His message was, "Deny yourself and live for others." This is the only remedy to the virus of selfishness, which ends in death.

All those who believed the message of the great Healer were together, formed into the new nation of Spiritual Israel.3 They even established the beginnings of twelve tribes of disciples in the Mediterranean region,4 a restoration that was so dear to the Creator's heart!5

But, if a virus is not kept out, it will re-appear. Sadly, that same self-centered pride appeared as an angel of light6 among those first believers and led them away from their first love.7 A form of religion was maintained in cathedrals and organized services, a form of godliness that we now see in the religious systems of today. Though supposedly worshiping the Healer, they disregarded all his directives as to how to stay free of the virus.

After that, the virus wreaked havoc, multiplying its deadly spores, puffing up its victims into over 48,000 denominations, multiplying daily. The proud angel was still active and able to disguise the remedy and spread his virus by making room for a selfish existence, the very self the Healer had commanded his believers to deny.


Now, like the bright light that appeared at the beginning of the creation story, the solution is again being offered by the eternal God who loves all creation. In these "last days" spoken of by the prophets of old,8 and by the Healer, the Son of God himself, the new Israel is being raised up again. A nation of those with a heart to obey their Creator is being restored!

Our Healer is called Yahshua (the Hebrew name for Jesus), and his name means "powerful to save." All who have received his message are together again, no longer living for themselves, but being healed of the hurtful ways caused by the virus of rebellion against God. The Healer has made the remedy clear, and promises that if we obey him, he will deeply heal us of the ways within us that have been corrupted by the selfish pride of that rebellious angel who still roams this planet.

If you are dissatisfied with cheap remedies that only deal with symptoms, and are looking for true and deep healing, this is not a fairy story we are telling you. There is a real remedy being offered by God to heal us from the virus! Please come and see!


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The Twelve Tribes is a confederation of twelve self-governing tribes, composed of self-governing communities. We are disciples of the Son of God whose name in Hebrew is Yahshua. We follow the pattern of the early church in Acts 2:44 and 4:32, truly believing everything that is written in the Old and New Covenants of the Bible, and sharing all things in common.

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