More letters from the three sisters Chaninah, Besorah and Ishah (11, 14 & 8 years old)

Hopefully, I can come home soon

a card from Chaninah, age 11, to her parents

Dear Abba and dear Ima,

I miss you so much. A few weeks ago I thought: "Oh, no, it still takes a long time before the court date." But now it is only one day away. I am so happy about that because afterwards we can see you soon and can hopefully come home again soon. I appreciate how you are enduring with us and how you are going through the tunnel with us. And that you don't leave us alone. I love and appreciate you forever and ever.

Your dearest daughter,


I wish I were with you now

a card from Besorah, age 14, to her parents

Dear Abba and dear Imma,

Thank you for the beautiful cards that you have sent us. We were very happy about it. The days are getting longer and I miss you and my home more and more. I can hardly wait for the day to see you again. At least it is not so long. I hope that it will not take so long until we get back home. I miss every single person so so much!

This whole situation is not so easy to understand, but I want to know that our Father is in control. He will work out everything for the good. Oh, what else can I write? Next to the foster home is a farm with a few cows and many small bulls and calves. When I see them, I always think of our Farm, and our cows and other animals. I miss you all and hope to see you all again soon. Please greet all my friends and tell them thank you for all the encouraging letters! I wish I were with you now, but still it seems to take a while.

I love you very much, your Besorah


I miss you tremendously

a card from Ishah, age 8, to her parents


Dear Abba and Ima,

How are you doing? I am doing ok.

This yellow flower was sent to me and Chaninah by Hodesh and Besorah copied it. Then I thought to write this card and send it to you. Nearby there is a farm with many cows and small calves. This reminds me of our cows. We have 100 cows. I miss our goats, cats and chickens also. I can hardly wait to see you again and I am very happy that it will not take much longer. A big kiss for you. I love you so much and miss you tremendously.

Your Ishah

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