The energy, vision, and passion of the children of the ’60s will never be forgotten. But there is one very big question that has been debated but perhaps unanswered... “Why did the Movement never get off the ground?” For most of us who were there it was like being on an airplane, sitting on the runway, with everyone in the plane getting high while waiting for the plane to take off. We were high on the summer of love, the hope of a better world, an awakening of our consciousness that expanded our horizons with vision for our planet. When we looked out the windows all we could see was mist from the smoke that ascended from our water pipes. So we couldn’t really tell whether we were off the ground yet. We seemed to be moving down the runway, and everyone kept assuring us that the plane would lift off the ground at any moment. But that moment never came. When the smoke cleared and we looked out the window, we realized that we were still on the ground.

The majority of the children of the “60s came from middle-class American families, with middle-class American roots and middle-class American values ingrained in them since childhood. So everybody was frantically throwing off their parents” values in an attempt to be free. Surely all the LSD trips, all the intellectual enlightenment, all the swelling emotions charged by the meaningful songs of our prophets were enough for us to create a newer and better world.

We all wanted to “come together, right now!” We looked for a voice to unite us. We thought we had heard that voice, but our coming together was only temporary. By the time we reached thirty we had lost our fire. As we young hippies got older our need for middle-class comforts began to outweigh all the enlightenment we had received. “Don’t trust anyone over thirty” was a forewarning of what we’d be like when we reached thirty. It proved to be true. Our voice was silenced after we got what our parents wanted for us all along c security, success, becoming a valuable asset to the prized heritage of middle-class America. We became a part of the American Dream we had protested against in our youth. Ever since that time our generation has tried to justify yuppie success or the compromise of getting our own thirty-acre kingdoms. We’re still scattered, confused travelers stumbling through this life.

Yes, the hippie exterior eventually wore off, exposing the roots that were still there. The power to break free from the rotten, selfish seed inside our souls, passed on to us from our middle-class fathers, was missing. It was like wearing a mask that you think is really you, but when you pull it off, you see that underneath the mask you’re a business man just like your daddy. After all is said and done the love of money has proven to be the failure of the Movement. No student is greater than his teacher but when he is fully trained he will be just like his teacher. You are what you are. You can’t escape the seed passed on from one generation to the next. it’s a law. It never fails.

In the “60s did you ever walk down the street stoned out of your mind, thinking you were free from the Establishment around you? Did you ever ridicule the guy in the three-piece suit and laugh to yourself thinking you were free? In the midst of a scene like this, did it ever dawn on you that you are just like him? To realize that what’s in you is no different from what is in your parents is the first step to the open door of freedom. The same corrupt seed has produced the same selfish root in all of us. It doesn’t matter whether we are comfortable business men or alternative hippies seeking a new and better way. That old root has to be cut off and die and a new and incorruptible seed must be planted in the human heart. This is the only hope for mankind.

We need a new seed that will grow into a radically new life. Jesus was the first man who possessed that new seed. He was the beginning of the new creation that will come together into a real unity. He has the power to break the old root and give us a new beginning. If anyone truly has Jesus” life and spirit breathed into him, he will be a new creation. He’ll be gathered together with others who are already gathered in a never-ending demonstration of love. The life in the first church in Jerusalem proved they had this new seed in them. It is well documented in Acts 2 and 4. Finding this life today is the only hope that will not disappoint.

The Twelve Tribes is a confederation of twelve self-governing tribes, composed of self-governing communities. We are disciples of the Son of God whose name in Hebrew is Yahshua. We follow the pattern of the early church in Acts 2:44 and 4:32, truly believing everything that is written in the Old and New Covenants of the Bible, and sharing all things in common.

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