What is Man?

What is man doing on planet earth?
Is earth the only planet in the whole universe that is inhabitable by man or any other creature?
Who does man think he is?  Who does God think man is?  What is man supposed to do with himself?
Why was he created? Why was everything else created for man? (Psalm 8)
Man is the highest thought God ever had...

Man, male and female, was created and placed on this planet as the highest and most magnificent of all creatures in the universe. In fact, he was made in the exact likeness of his Creator, and he lived in total dependence on his Maker for every thing. He needed God like a child needs his father. He didn't know what to say or do without receiving it from his Source. There were no barriers between the Creator and his creatures, and so there was also peace between the man and the woman.
As husband-and-wife teams they were to care for planet Earth and other human beings, including their own family members. There was true love. The woman trusted the man and loved him so much that all she wanted to do was support him and submit to his direction. The man cherished the woman and cared for her with absolute love and wisdom, directly guided by the one who created them both.
Of course, they had no idea what death was like. We barely understand what death is today. All they knew is that they were to have children and expand the borders of Eden until it filled the entire planet. And then what?   Eventually the planet would fill up with immortal human beings.
Of course, they couldn't all stay here. But in the heavens there were countless solar systems and planets. Eventually the universe would start filling up with creatures who expressed the character and nature of their Source. And Divine nature, which is spirit and therefore invisible, would be able to be seen through human nature, which is both spiritual and physical.

But our Source had an Enemy. One of the most powerful angelic rulers in the universe -- a spiritual creature so intelligent and powerful that we can scarcely comprehend him -- lifted up his heart in pride, and forsook wisdom for vanity and self-glory.  The prophet Ezekiel said: "You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty"...  Until', "Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty;  You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor"...
From this place of pride, he now had a fantasy that he wanted to carry out. The prophet Isaiah described that fantasy: "You said in your heart, 'I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God I will set my throne on high; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will make myself like the Most High.' "
This angelic ruler was not content to exercise his authority under his Creator. He wanted to usurp the authority of God altogether. He was bringing rebellion into the universe.
Now, the eternal, uncreated, all-powerful God would have had no problem in destroying his Enemy the moment he conceived his first evil thought. But our Source did not desire to prove who was the stronger. He had a plan by which the creature, man, would expose the evil nature of the Enemy and subdue him. Thus a created being would deal with the rebellion of a created being. Just as man was to subdue the earth and rule over it, so he would subdue and rule over the Enemy. And the way he would carry out this most important task was through his relationship with his Creator, by trusting and depending entirely on him.

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