Truth and Yogurt

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. (1 Corinthians 14:33)

Many times and places have brought about short bursts of truth. Men at various times have stumbled across obvious truths in the Scriptures and taken them on as emblems, waving them proudly like a flag. The Seventh Day Adventists came across many such truths, being men given to much study. They came to understand the history of the church and found the change of the Sabbath day to Sunday by the Pope. They were shocked and amended their ways and then began to tell everyone about keeping the Sabbath. Much of what they said was correct. Herein lies the problem: They, like so many movements in the past, did not have the medium to introduce this truth into” not the proper medium for it to bring about the desired effect.

In the following allegory, truth is compared to the “starter” that is used in the process of making yogurt. For those who know how to make yogurt, this will be a very clear allegory.

When making yogurt, a good culture is inserted into the proper medium and it will in a matter of several hours turn the entire medium into yogurt of exactly the same nature as the starter. But no matter how good the starter is, if the medium is defiled with bacteria or is not the proper temperature it will not turn into yogurt. On the contrary, it will turn into some sort of runny, sour milk, often not fit for human consumption.

We make up a large batch of warm milk and then introduce the good starter, mixing well. Then several hours later, we go to the yogurt jars which are wrapped in blankets keeping them just the right temperature, and we open one to see if the process has gone as planned. It is immediately evident whether the yogurt “yoged” or not. If we see the smooth, rich texture of yogurt filling the jar, we say, “It yoged.” Or we might say, “The yogurt didn’t yog” if we saw a runny mess, and smelled the foul odor of defiled milk.

It is the same with the truth. There are many, many truths that men have run across throughout history, but history bears out the fact that when a truth is isolated and put into an unfit environment, it does not produce the “yogurt” that it should.

We see and hear elements of “truth” on many sides, within Christianity and all the other religions. Even in the society at large, the wisdom gained from common sense is evident in many places. Yet, if not inserted into the proper medium of the functioning Body of Messiah, then it does not “yog.” Thus, there have been groups like the Jesus Movement, the Shepherding Movement, the Wilderness Preparation Movement, the Sabbatarian movement, and the Charismatic Movement” but in the end it becomes only a divided mess, and it does not “yog.”

When you taste good yogurt, you know it.

The culture of yogurt is native to a certain part of the Middle East. There the special culture is active in the open air. If milk is left out in its natural state and is just the right temperature, it will become yogurt on its own. This is the natural way yogurt is made. We have captured that yogurt culture and imported it to all parts of the world. The culture desires to permeate the milk, but if all the factors are not right, it will not be free to fill the environment.

The Body of Messiah is the perfect environment for the commands and the “hard sayings” of Messiah to flourish. Though someone may grasp a certain aspect of the good news and try to put it into practice, if all the proper factors are not there, it will not “yog.”

Within a heart of total surrender the love of God (the culture) could once again be introduced. He was always there desiring a place to pour His Spirit. Once the heart came into the correct temperature without the defilement of destructive bacteria, His love came in. Now that same culture has spread to all those who are in that same environment.

Within the ranks of organized religion, the culture is killed immediately.

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