A reliable witness saves lives

This young man came at age thirteen with his mother to the community. He had lived with his father in the midst of a difficult social environment and had great difficulty in school. After the local youth welfare office (Jugendamt) manager assessed his situation in life, he supported the youth's desire to live with his mother in the Community.

There, Marvin Burkandt (whom we know as Natsar), developed into a confident young man and made such good progress in his education in the private supplementary school Klosterzimmern that he has successfully participated in the qualifying examination in 2010.

That's Natsar, front and center, surrounded by his friends, teachers, and school officials.

His other career he describes in this video and the obvious question is in his letter to the Child Protection Services Officers:

How can you believe that the children of the community are mistreated, even though you have known for so long they are not...? In the Community nothing has changed since you have decided that it was a good place for me.



And here is his letter to the Jugendamt leader, Herr Kanth. He, as many of our youth and parents, knew Herr Kanth personally. There is a saying from history: "What we once knew we must now forget." But Natsar would like to remind you, Herr Kanth. Here is his letter to you.

Marvin 1Marvin mitteMArvin 3

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