Diary of an Abused Child

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The diary of Eva Krumbacher, who was taken away from her parents by 100 armed German police on Yom Teruah, Sept 5, 2013. She attempted several times to run away from the foster homes in which she was held captive. Being a dual citizen, she was able to escape on a train to Switzerland to her grandmother with her little sister. There, she was found by the German police. The Swiss authorities scheduled a meeting of the family with their social services. Instead, three days before the meeting, they sent Swiss police to capture her and her sister and take them by force to the border. There they turned them over to the German police. It was a journey of many tears.

Finally, through an appeal to a judge who heard her heart, she was able to return to her parents, which was the desire of her heart since the beginning. Her sister, unfortunately, remains in captivity. Her sister also desires her freedom, but is younger, and so is not capable of standing up to the German legal system.

Eva has appealed for help to the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, but as yet, has received no reply.

This is her diary in her own words, following the day by day events since the day she was taken away from her home, her friends, and her parents (She refers to her father as "abba" and her mother as "imma" as in Hebrew).

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