I Love You (Valentine's Day)

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"Through the ages of human history, in
hundreds of different languages, these
three tiny words have held great sway:
"I love you." These words usher in a flood of
emotions based upon the commitment that the
professed "love" assures. Within the secure arms
of "love" all those protective walls around the
human heart begin to crumble. In this state, the
human soul becomes the most vulnerable.
The fear of being hurt causes humans to put
strong guards around their hearts to protect
themselves. Within the hostile environment of
self-centered pleasure seekers, it is not easy to
trust the motives of anyone who entertains a
relationship. But those three tiny words have the
amazing power to disarm the most cautious and
unlock closed doors. "I love you..."
In former times, those words would not
have been spoken between a man and woman
unless the following words would be, "Will you marry me?" For the term "love" in itself carries
the meaning of commitment. It has the strength
to endure years and years of hard times, and still
maintain loyalty. It has been recorded that LOVE
never fails (1 Corinthians 13)."

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